In the absence of in-person boat shows and seminar series, we have recorded our favorite presentations as webinars. Please enjoy and let us know if you have any questions!

Tips & Traps: Cruising the WA/OR/CA Coast, MEXICO and the South Pacific

Recorded January 2021 for Virtual Boat Shows

Pour yourself a drink and listen in for inspiration! Sarah and Will Curry share their recent cruising experiences down the foggy WA/OR/CA Coast, exploring Mexico, and setting sail west across the South Pacific to Australia. What worked, what didn’t. From botched projects to an epic landfall in the Marquesas, this paced seminar includes funny and revealing stories about the cruising life, tons of tips, and photos that will make you want to set sail ASAP.

Self Steering Windvanes

Recorded March 2021 for the World Cruising Club as part of the ARC Preparation Series.

How about a crew member who spends endless hours on the wheel, doesn’t eat or sleep, and never complains?

A self steering windvane will steer your sailboat for short distances or across oceans with absolutely no power consumption.  Having an emergency rudder is another consideration, and should be high on every offshore sailor’s list; second only to keeping the boat afloat, is keeping her pointed in the right direction.

Will and Sarah Curry provide an overview of the different windvane systems, how they work, and what they can do for you.  Get a sense of what offshore sailing is really like with video, stories, and other tips too.