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For worldwide parts orders, please email Richard:

Please include your delivery address, and if unsure of parts required, photos are always helpful!

Once the order has been processed, it will ship from our manufacturing facility in the UK.



Prices Before Shipping and VAT

First things first! Every installation and boat is different, so these are optional parts to consider for the installation.

Backing Plate Kits:  For the inside of the transom.  Any substantial marine material can be used as a backing plate: 316 stainless, aluminum plate, any of the hard plastics. Ours are aluminium plate and come with two M10 Mounting Bolts. Highly recommended if you are installing in a remote location without easy access to a chandlery.

Mounting Pads: Mounting Pads are pieces of teak or suitable synthetic that are very hard but can be shaped to pick up the contour and/or angular differences between the transom and the flat inside faces of the bracket flanges. True flat areas on the transom will not required a Mounting Pad, but it never hurts.  Ask Will if you are unsure if your installation will need Pads. See our Installation Guide for tips on shaping the pads, and Specifications page for templates to make your own. Ours do save some time and effort!

Part NamePart #GBP £EURO €USD $CAD $
Backing Plate Kit#9520242433
Mounting Pad - Plastic
#100P, 100PS, 106P, 111P (pair)42535372
Mounting Pad - Teak #100T, 100TS, 106T, 111T27343446



Prices Before Shipping and VAT

Complete Kit includes 10% discount off Parts

If sailing further afield, we recommend you carry the Offshore Spares Kit. It includes spares for the common wear points:

  • Vane Cover (#76) – The lightweight ripstock nylon vane covers can last a surprisingly long time, but the sun takes her toll. Be sure to take the vane off when not in use, and store out of the sun.
  • 2 Locking Pins – There are 3 Locking Pins (#60, 61, 62) on the unit, all interchangeable. The Shaft Locking Pin should be changed periodically as it can suffer from metal fatigue while motoring. It’s a good idea to rotate the pins from time to time. The Locking Pins supplied in the Offshore Spares Kit are made of Super Duplex stainless steel – 3x stronger than 316.
  • Drive Sleeve (#19) – will develop grooves and may need replacement after 15,000nm or so
  • Small Tube of the Loctite 243 that is used on all of the little grub/set screws on the Hydrovane – needed to re-set any of the set screws, for example – the Axel Screws
  • Spare M10 x 65 Bolt Sets, Grub Screws, and Axel, and Knob (for Vane or Axis). Please note that both Metric and Non-Metric grub screws are supplied with the kit.
    • Pre 2016 – use Imperial (3/8” x ½” set Screws)
    • Post 2016 – use Metric (M10 set screws)
Part NamePart #GBP £EURO €USD $CAD $
Vane Cover (Standard, Stubby, XT), 2 Super Duplex Locking Pins, Drive Sleeve, Loctite, Axel Screws, Axel, M10x65 Bolt Sets, Knob. #76, 61, 62, 19, 40, 47, M10x65, 32.33, Loctite151189189257



Prices Before Shipping and VAT

Part NamePart #GBP £EURO €USD $CAD $
Bottom Collar (stainless steel) #26, 4626323244
Bottom Collar (old - plastic)#26, 469111115
Con Rod & Bobbin Upgrade Kit#3, 17, 50, 57, 63124155155211
Drive Sleeve#193335
Drive Unit Cover107134134182
Flagstaff Holder#75E42535372
Frame Case Cover#7940505067
Frame Case Screws#25669
Frame Case Cover with LED Stern Light#79 LED112140140190
Knob - Axis (Old Style 3/8")#3310121217
Knob - Vane or Axis (post 2016 Metric)#33 or #3267710
Knob - Vane Kit - Metric Retrofit#4, 32, 3712151520
Locking Pin - Super Duplex#60, 61, 62 (same)18222230
Ratio Knob Kit#21, 5615181825
Tiller (Black Plastic) - comes with Drive Unit#23, 4128353548
Tiller Extension (Aluminium Rod)#23E40505067
Vane Cover (Standard, Stubby, or XT)#7683104104142
Hydrovane's Watt&Sea Mounting Bracket (pair)474593593806
XT 'Extendable' Vane440550550742

SHAFT BearingS

Prices Before Shipping and VAT

Bearings also sold separately

Please advise if shaft outer diameter (OD) is 1 ¼” / 31.75 mm or the older 1 1/8″ / 28.575 mm. Measure at the bottom section, where the rudder fits on.

When ordering bearings, it is helpful for us to know the vintage of the Shaft Assembly. If you do not know the age, you may have to remove the shaft to measure the inside diameter (ID) of the outer tube – here is a guide:

  • Pre 2002
    • 1 1/8″ / 28.575 mm shaft – tube is 46.8 mm ID
    • 1 ¼”  / 31.75 mm – tube is 44.4 mm ID
  • Post 2002 – all shafts are 1 ¼” / 31.75 mm – tube is machined inside to 46 mm ID

The Mid-Bearing (#24M) and stainless Bottom Collar (#26) are only available for post 2002 shaft assemblies. For 1 1/8″ Shaft we have a delrin Bottom Collar (#26).

Part NamePart #GBP £EURO €USD $CAD $
Shaft Race Collar & Pin#27, 2811131318
Shaft Ball Race (19 Ball Bearings)#314556
Shaft Top Bearing#249111115
Shaft Mid Bearing #24M15191926
Shaft Bottom Bearing#2523292939
Shaft Bottom Collar - Stainless#2626323244
Drive Sleeve#193335
TOTAL 90112112153

Upgrading Parts

‘To-do’s’ if you wish to refurbish an older unit:

  • All Shaft Bearings, including the new Mid-Bearing (#24M). We discovered that, at speed, the shaft could flex a bit to cause the bottom bearing to crimp and stick – not long enough to be noticeable, unless you are watching for it. The Mid Bearing, included in shaft assemblies after 2008, is made of PTFE and solves the sticking. It is a definite improvement especially for faster boats with longer shafts.
  • Bottom Collar (#26) – now made of ‘316’ stainless steel for the 1 ¼” / 31.75mm shaft. Solves all prior issues of cracking plastics.
  • Vane Knob (#32) and Axis Knob (#33) – new versions, since 2005, are far tougher and improved with a nyloc nut to prevent the knobs from spinning off (a problem with the old knobs). Now available in kits that include the additional parts that were probably lost when the original knob fell off – assuming a lost knob is your problem.
  • Improved Bobbin & Con Rod Assembly – In the spring of 2010 we improved the design by eliminating the Con Rod Top Casting (#68). The Con Rod now fits directly into the Bobbin. The fit is tighter making the system more responsive and it is stronger – way stronger – 33 times stronger.
  • Other Drive Unit Upgrades – If keeping an older VXA2 Model, a matching upgrade would also include new lead weights (now properly balanced for light air performance), tiller (less prone to break or come loose), drive sleeve (tighter), and axis disc (altered to provide a bit more action – not easy to replace).
  • Rudder – We keep improving the rudder:
    • In 2006 the length was increased by 5.5 inches/14 cm
    • In June 2009 it got thicker by adding 5 lbs./2.3 kgs. – now weighs 23 lbs./10.5 kgs (half that in water)
    • The latest version (introduced in the summer of 2009) was developed by our in-house engineer, Ted Hargreaves. Ted inspired the upgrade based on his aeronautical experience with foils. After the first test Ted reported it was much more powerful but so light to the touch – easy to control – couldn’t believe that it could be that good while also being so very stable. It is a vast improvement. We strongly recommend the upgrade for any owners with older versions of the rudder who would like the extra power.
  • Shaft (#29) – now standard (since January 2009 or so) is a ‘super duplex’ steel shaft:
    • Nearly three times as strong as the old ‘316’ version!
    • This shaft is a ‘must’ for today’s rudder
    • To determine which shaft you have look at the bottom: the old ‘316’ version has a rounded radius at the bottom. Most of the new ‘super duplex’ ones have a straight 15 degree taper. The true test is to put a magnet on the shaft – ‘316’ is NOT magnetic but the SD is magnetic.
  • ‘A’ Bracket ‘Shaft Clamp Section – all parts on the outboard end including the 3 castings:
    • In the fall of 2013 we introduced an improved ‘A’ Bracket. The old version was quite flexible but the arms were rigid at an angle of 40 degrees.
    • The arms can now be set at any angle from 40 degrees to 80 degrees – making our most flexible bracket even more flexible.

Please consider all of the above if looking to purchase a used unit

We only produce parts for the current model – since 1986.