John and Sarah are pleased to provide a Hydrovane proposal specific to your boat.

Please see Contact Us and provide John and Sarah with the requested details.

The pricing for smaller Parts is found under the Technical tab.

Complete package


Complete HYDROVANE VXA2D system includes:

  2. VANE – Standard, Stubby, or Extendable ‘XT’
  4. SHAFT ASSEMBLY – Size required will be advised
  5. TWO BRACKETS – Brackets required will be advised
    • First Bracket: ‘‘H’ – hinged (always one ‘H’)
    • Second Bracket:
      • ‘H’ – hinged
      • ‘E’ – elbow – single strut
      • ‘A’ – double strut

Emergency Steering system only (for racers):

  2. SHAFT ASSEMBLY – same as above
  3. TWO BRACKETS – same as above



Before Shipping and VAT

VXA1 – no remote course setting – reduce Drive Unit prices by £235; €305; US$317; CAD$423

Component / CurrencyGBP £EURO €USD $CAD $
Drive Unit VXA22368307831974262
Extended Heading Tube (if required)100130135180
Rudder - PA6966125613041739
Rudder - PP, Short312406421562
Vane - Standard/Stubby335436452603
Vane - XT 'Extendable'5767497781037
'H' - Hinged415540560747
'E' - Single Strut482627651868
'A' - Double Strut1193155116112147
Tiller Assembly (included in Drive Unit)502653678904
White Powder Coating (Esthetic upgrade)400520540720

Changing boats?

Bring your Hydrovane with you


Lucky you! Let us know the details and we can advise the fit or any adaptations to consider for bringing your Hydrovane from one boat to the next.

The most time consuming part of the installation is planning and fitting the bracket flanges to the transom. You will use backing plates, sometimes mounting pads, and a lot of sealant/adhesive.  Rather than undo this hard work, why not leave those bracket flanges in place?  A great selling feature for prospective buyers, and no holes for you to fill.

We see this happening more and more often, and are pleased to offer you 50% off the required transom flange castings (Casting #100, 106 or 111) to re-install the unit on your new boat.

Please let us know if you have questions. Please note the discount is not on an entire new Bracket – only the A, E or H through bolted transom flange castings you leave on the previous boat.



Trade In Program


Do you have an older Hydrovane Drive Unit (any model) that you would like to upgrade? We are now offering a Trade In Program – you send us the Drive Unit and we’ll offer a £500 rebate on a new one. Contact Richard for more information.


Used Hydrovanes

Consider the necessary costs


We are happy to provide advice on older units. If you find one you are interested in, please contact Richard or Will.

Too often we provide the bad news of the cost of necessary segments that can result in total payments nearing the cost of a new unit, but without desirable features. In looking for a used unit it is important that you find both:

  • A current model
  • Has the appropriate shaft and brackets to be installed on your boat

Many purchasers of used units find that if they don’t get the correct configuration, the cost to make the unit suitable to their boat is close to or even more than cost of a new unit.

When calculating discounts for older units it is wise to know what you may need and/or what you may be missing.

  • A new Shaft Assembly
    • Is the shaft the right size for your boat?
    • Is the shaft strong enough? Until 2002, we did provide a smaller diameter shaft, 1 1/8” (28.575mm) for small boats (up to 15,000 lbs). If the 1 1/8in shaft were to end up on a larger boat than was intended, it will bend.
    • All new shafts (since January 2009) are not only the larger 1 ¼” diameter, but made of ‘Super Duplex’ stainless steel – much harder and a remarkable 3 times stronger than the previous ‘316’ stainless 1 ¼” shafts.
  • A new Rudder – Today’s rudder MUST be supported by today’s Super Duplex shaft (2009 or newer), and the mid-bearing
  • Different Brackets – Are they the correct brackets for your boat?
  • Parts Unavailable – We only produce parts for the current model – since 1986
  • Performance on heavy displacement or fast boats – on older units (even VXA models) you may be missing many of the performance-enhancing features that have come about in recent years.
  • Today’s Drive unit includes:
    • Better balanced weights – properly balances the vane for improved light air performance
    • Better Bobbin Con Rod assembly – far stronger and tighter movement
    • Tighter Drive Sleeve
    • New Remote Course Setting, Worm & Worm Wheel
    • Improved Tiller – less prone to come loose or break
    • Overall improved motion:
      1. The Axis Disc has been altered to provide a bit more action
      2. The ‘drive train’ has been tightened up with the Con Rod/Bobbin connection and better Drive Sleeve
  • ‘Antique’ models are missing many key features

Visit the ‘Parts’ page for further information.