Head Office - Worldwide Sales

John CurryBA, CA

Managing Director

After a full career as a chartered accountant, I am overjoyed to be back in the yachting business – especially with a product that I am so proud of. Believe it or not, my hours are worse than ever. I cannot wait to get to the office in the morning to see what new emails have arrived. Quotes, product development, production and boat shows fill my week. I delight in technical enquiries and can always talk about boats. So please find us at a show, or send me an email.

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Will CurryBBA

Director Of Sales

I graduated from university and landed a job in the corporate world. But I quickly realized where my true passion lies – Boats. I’ve worked and travelled on both power and sailboats since the age of 14 (with a variety of windvane and watermaker systems) so it was a no brainer to join Hydrovane in 2005.  My wife Sarah and I purchased our first sailboat in Mexico in 2012 and sold it in Sydney, Australia. Our second boat was a Jeanneau SO 43 that we cruising in the Pacific Northwest and back down to Mexico. See: OUR LIFE AQUATIC Video.  We are currently cruising in the Mediterranean on our third boat, a Leopard 46, with young twin boys as crew. Wherever I am in the world, I look forward to answering your questions. Like my father, I can talk about boats for hours…

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Sarah CurryBA

Director Marketing

Will and I married in 2011 and six months later I quit my human resources job, joined Hydrovane, and we purchased our first sailboat together. I had no sailing experience… and – true confession – I didn’t really understand what a windvane was! I’ve since learnt a thing or two, and our adventures crossing the Pacific have given me the cruising bug for life: OUR LIFE AQUATIC Video. Will and I recently purchased our third cruising boat together, a Leopard 46 in Greece, and are slowly heading West with plans to ‘boat school’ our young twin boys.

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Karen CurryBFA, MEd

Boat Show Warrior

I had been offshore with John previously, but the single most influential event in my life was our trip in 1996/7 to Mexico, Hawaii, and back home to Vancouver – with our two teenage boys. That adventure continues to be the glue that binds our family together to this day. These days I am fortunate to travel the world as an artist and give workshops in Palm Desert, Vancouver and most recently France and Spain – feel free to contact me about these. Karen Curry Studio

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Irene McTavishBA

Accounting & Office Manager

A twenty year career in marketing and finance with communication and tech companies has prepared me well to balance Hydrovane’s books. Typical for the Hydrovane team, I’ve lived in various parts of the world: starting life in Asia, marrying a Scot, and even uprooting my family to Switzerland for a few years. My love for ocean views and sunshine mean my family and I frequently travel to Asia and Europe, and always fit in an annual summer surf trip to Maui.

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Richard MiniellyBIE

Technical Product Manager

As a lifelong bluewater cruiser, I’m thrilled to be on the Hydrovane team. I grew up on boats, living aboard with my family in the Great Lakes, Caribbean, and along the Pacific Coast of North and Central America. As a teenager, I dove headfirst into the racing scene. Starting in Club 420s, I quickly graduated to match racing, collegiate sailing, crewing on a Farr 30, and taking part in numerous races aboard boats varying from a J22 to a TP52. As the Technical Product Manager at Hydrovane, I try to apply my boating experience to helping our amazing customers solve any technical challenge they come across.

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Brooklyn Foster

Worldwide Order Administrator

I have lived in Canada for just over three years now, but am originally from Western Australia. I grew up in a small coastal town so most of my free time was either spent by the ocean or planning my next holiday. After travelling to nearly 40 countries, I can definitely say that I have caught the travel bug! For now, I am happily settled in North Vancouver, British Columbia, living the mountain lifestyle. With my love for the ocean, travel and family, Hydrovane is a perfect team to be a part of!


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UK Team - Engineering and Production

Lee Colledge

Assembly Facility Manager

Lee has been involved with Hydrovane for over 10 years. He manages our Assembly Facility. His role is vital to order fulfillment and he’s an expert at building units; he assembles over 120 parts for every Hydrovane that is shipped out the door! Mandy, Lee’s wife, also regularly helps with packaging and organization. With a family that includes children and grand-children, they have a busy work and family life.

Geoff Town

Experienced Technician

Geoff is Hydrovane’s longest standing team member. He has been involved with Hydrovane since the 1970’s and worked alongside Derek Daniels, the original inventor, for many years. Geoff used to machine every single Hydrovane part by hand! Those times have changed, but he is still regularly involved in finding solutions to small problems and helping out as needed. Geoff’s in-depth knowledge of the Hydrovane’s parts and history is irreplaceable. 

Ted Hargreaves


Based on the Isle of Wight, Ted was an invaluable member of the Hydrovane team for 10 years. In his younger days, Ted formed a company designing and building one off production machinery and ancillary products for the printing industry. He made two Atlantic circuits on his 1937 13 ton Hillyard Ketch with his daughter, Nicola, and a Hydrovane. Both times they encountered hurricanes on the return leg. We credit Ted for the upgrade in our improved shaft bearing system, the latest version of our rudder, and the XT Vane – all projects of significant value. Sadly, Ted passed away in late 2017. He is missed. 


Dealers - Non-English Speaking Countries


Tom Logisch

Logisch Yachts


Rodelberg 47
Kleinmachnow, 14532
+49 33203 71501

The Netherlands

John Verhoeven

ROBWINK Serious Seatools


Rendementsweg 24 O
The Netherlands
+31 (0) 85 876 88 11


Pascale Pascal

Croix Du Sud Marine


319, route du fond du village
74910 BASSY
+33 (0)4 50 56 37 19
+33 (0)6 41 76 01 74


Kjetil Kjenner



Hjalmar Bjørges vei 113,
1604 Fredrikstad,
+47 69 31 00 60


Kirk Patterson

Konpira Consulting


3-11-48-902 Sakurazaka
Chuo-ku, Fukuoka
Fukuoka 810-0024, Japan
+81 (0)80-8852-3870