Tayana 52

“Tango’s Hydrovane systems (Hydrovane, Hydrogenerator, and watermaker) make our nomadic life possible.”

From: jeh20011995
Sent: Tue, Jun 11, 2019
To: Sarah Curry

Ia orana Sarah,

Papeete is great! Tango’s watermaker has the new membrane installed. I haven’t run it yet because we are in Marina Papeete. I’ll run it in the next week or so when we journey to Marina Tiana for fuel before leaving for Moorea and the more westerly Society Islands. Thank you again for all the support. I’ve included some photos and I’ll mention the great support in our blog (www.sailblogs.com/member/jeh20011995)

Just for your info, with the new docks, good security, all the shops, chandlerys, and restaurants within a short walk, Marina Papeete is far better than Marina Taina.

Tahiti is our breath catching stop before we visit several remote islands & in mid July heading toward Tonga (swim with the whales), then New Zealand. We are thinking of waiting out the cyclone season then heading back to the Gambier & Tuomotus with a 2nd return to NZ before we decide the next step… probably getting into the Med.

Tango’s Hydrovane system (Hydrovane, Hydrogenerator, and watermaker) make our nomadic life possible. They are reliable, essential, and well supported when needed. Thank you again for great products and support. I’ve attached some photos for you.

John and Janet