Roberts 40 'NANDJI' on YouTube

It’s awesome that Bonita & Yoshi chose a Hydrovane as their windvane (after an autopilot failure!).  Check out their videos on youtube and follow along with their crazy adventures.

“We are so happy already. We struggle to believe that we have been sailing for so long without Robbo.”


From: Sailing Nandji – Frothlyfe
Sent: November 26, 2017
To: Will Curry
Subject: Re: Hydrovane order LAVER

Hi Will,

We have just reached reception again after sailing 180nm with Robbo. Wow, are we impressed and very happy! We got to put the vane well and truly through its paces on the trip. We left in the afternoon and had a quick play with the vane in the bay. Once i realized i had the vane facing the wrong way, we were instantly in business.

The wind was consistently 20 knots or more and we found that the vane setting all the way to left was a little light and not powerful enough for Nandji, then when we changed gears into second, we were having a great time. We had that much confidence in the vane straight away that we entered into our first night with Robbo extremely relaxed even though the seas had built 2-3m and the wind reached 30 knots during the night, but we did not touch the steering wheel once! It was a great night sail! We got to test today with some into the wind sailing and had 20 knots on the nose as we approached the passage into our anchorage and Robbo loved it. We are so happy already. We struggle to believe that we have been sailing for so long without Robbo.

Cheers Will, we already have plenty of photos and are currently editing our video of the installation and will have another video soon of our test voyage with Robbo. We will send some photos through soon!

Kind regards


From: Will Curry
Date: Mon, Nov 27, 2017
Subject: RE: Hydrovane order 170207 LAVER
To: Sailing Nandji – Frothlyfe

Hey Jarrad,

That’s awesome! So good to hear that Robbo has been performing as he should and not consuming any of your ships stores (ie. Rum). Good call on getting the ratio knob into the second gear and getting it dialed in. Yes, once you’ve sailed with a good windvane you wonder why it would be done any other way.

Can we add your email to our website? Looking forward to seeing photos of the installation. You guys make great videos and we would love to post the install on our website if that’s possible? It would probably be beneficial to you as it will drive a ton of offshore sailors and aspiring ones to your Channel.

Thanks for taking the time to send the initial report and we look forward to seeing more.