Roberts 36

“From the 1st time we used her I said, ‘she sails like a dream'”

From: The Fotherbys
Sent: August 23, 2021
To: Will Curry
Subject: Hydrovane

Hello Will, I just wanted to tell you how thrilled we both are with “DreamGirl”. I put out “Moksha” which means liberation in Sanskrit, but Ken said he would throw her in the water with that name. From the 1st time we used her I said, “she sails like a dream”. 

We have only had lighter wind sailing since we launched the boat this summer but she has worked exceptionally well. Ken lost his job. I had to keep telling him to get away from the wheel.

Our steering is stiff as it runs through a lot of pulleys and is center cockpit, so we do not have to lash the wheel to center. Could change with heavier winds.

Also installed an autopilot and got to use it for the 1st time last Sunday.  Again,  “Otto” ( no surprise there) and Dream Girl performed perfectly. It is like we have a new boat. Waited over 40 years for this. Ken will send a video at some point to you. For now here are the 2 together.