Pearson 39

“Heavy wind and seas, or otherwise, ‘Bob’ has exceeded my expectations.

The best part – ‘Bob’ doesn’t drink my beer.”

From: Jim MacDougall
Sent: September 13, 2023
To: Brooklyn Foster
Subject: Bob

[photo showing] Tiburon Ca. looking towards San Francisco.

After a month of non-stop work, I was (finally) underway. Jumping off the NW tip of Vancouver Island, my first planned landfall was San Francisco on the way to Mexico.

The new hydrovane was put into service (for the first time) in very light winds on a westerly Pacific swell.

My hydrovane, now affectionately now known as Bob, is remarkable.

Bob steers better than any person I know and he seems truly happy – never complains.

Heavy wind and seas, or otherwise, Bob has exceeded my expectations. 

The best part – Bob doesn’t drink my beer.

Thank you Hydrovane! An excellent product.


Jim MacDougall