Outbound 46

“So easy to deploy and “just works”.”

From: Anders Rhodin
Sent: July 8, 2018
To: Will Curry
Subject: Our Hydrovane is now operational

Hi Will,
We haven’t named it yet, but it might be “Bob”.
It’s on our new Outbound 46, Horizon. We’ve tested in now for a couple of days and it works great. So easy to deploy and “just works”.

I have one question about a humming noise that comes and goes. Think it’s the rudder vibrating. Seems to be mostly when the vane are standing tall. Anything we can do to avoid or minimize these vibrations?

[Editor’s Note: Working on a solution – involves squaring off the trailing edge of the Rudder]

I also noticed that there’s play in the shaft. I can move the shaft approximately 1 mm sideways both at the top and bottom. Is that normal?

[Editor’s Note: Yes, that is normal]

Thanks and regards,