Nautitech 46 Open - Catamaran

“We were very pleased with the Hydrovane which was our first choice for steering on the long passages.”

From: Robin Gimson
Sent: July 12, 2022
To: Richard Minielly
Subject: RE: ARC 2021 Pre-Departure Hydrovane Consultation

Hello Richard,

Thanks for the offer [of a pre-departure zoom call] below which I didn’t feel was necessary for us as we had used our Hydrovane extensively on the way from UK to Las Palmas.

Eight months later, we have completed our journey around the Atlantic and returned via the Azores to UK. We were very pleased with the Hydrovane which was our first choice for steering on the long passages.

Please could you advise the best way to clean H. as he has become encrusted with spots of white salts on the castings and a white haze on the S.S. tubes. I’ve tried water an vinegar so far. Without much effect.

See photos attached.


Robin Gimson

Our Time

From: Richard Minielly
Sent: July 12, 2022
To: Robin Gimson
Subject: RE: ARC 2021 Pre-Departure Hydrovane Consultation

Hi Robin,

Thanks so much for reaching out. Testimonials from larger catamarans such as your Nautitech 46 Open are invaluable to us. Would it be ok if we posted your email and photos to our website? If you are not comfortable, no worries.

Some amount of white spotting is normal as the salt build up and white-looking mild aluminum corrosion permeate the anodized coating. To clean, first use fresh water and a mild boat soap. Then, you can use a fine grit, gentle abrasive pad, lubricated liberally with WD40. The Blue “No-scratch” Scotch-Brite pads work well, or a gentle dish-washing pad. Please avoid the “Heavy Duty” scouring pads as these will wear away the hard anodized coating.

After a very liberal spray-down of the entire unit with WD-40, wipe away the excess, allow to dry, and then apply a corrosion inhibitor such as T9, CorrosionX or CRC. This should keep the castings looking much better.

As general maintenance whenever possible, we recommend rinsing the entire unit fresh water after every passage – or essentially whenever there is water to spare – and washing the unit with mild soap and water every few months. After washing, we recommend dousing the entire unit in WD40, letting it sit before wiping away the excess, and then applying a corrosion inhibitor.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out at any point with any operational or technical questions, or any parts orders.

Best regards,

Richard Minielly