Najad 405

“We had your Hydrovane installed late last year and love it.”

From: E. Jerry Jones
Sent: May 18, 2020
To: John Curry
Subject: hydrovane

Aloha John,

We had your Hydrovane installed late last year and love it. Any suggestions on how to preserve it when not in use other than lubrication, canvas cover perhaps? We sail regularly and use our mechanical auto pilot and only use the vane on longer distance trips.




From: John Curry
Sent: May 18, 2020
To: ‘E. Jerry Jones’
Subject: RE: hydrovane

Hi Jerry

Good to hear from you.

As always to keep the girl (or is it a boy?) clean, soap and fresh water are good to rid it of any salt or grunge build up. No greasing or oiling with substances that are likely to collect dust. Liberal and periodic spraying with WD 40 is good enough. The aluminum castings would like a spraying with a corrosion inhibitor to keep them looking pristine. Yup, and even no special attention seems to be OK. One exception is to get the vane out of the sun. The fabric reaches old age fairly quickly.




From: E. Jerry Jones
Date: May 18, 2020
Subject: RE: hydrovane
To: John Curry

Yes I remove the fabric cover and the rudder also when not in use. We call it Chung Pau but please don’t ask why. He works as you know extremely well in heavy air. Next time I use the Hydrovane I’ll try and remember to send you a couple pics.

Thanks Jerry