Morgan 382

“I am very impressed and absolutely convinced that the Hydrovane is the best product on the market.”

From: Jan Kamenz
Sent: January 04, 2022
To: Will Curry
Subject: New Boat, new bracket

Good morning Will,

I hope you had great Christmas holidays and a fantastic nye.

As planned I get back to you because I purchased a new boat. It’s the Sun Odyssey 43 from 2003 I was writing about when we were in contact the first time in 2021. And it’s seems as she is the same model as Kaiquest is. Which is a nice coincidence.

I’m getting ready to prepare the installation of my Hydrovane to the new boat. Therefore I will need the A-bracket as I purchased the E-bracket last time for mostly financial reasons.

How long does shipping take at the moment. It would be great, when I can get started with installing by the beginning of March. I also will need three metal backing plates and three wooden mounting pads. Can you send me an cost estimate for these items including the A-bracket.

We also talked about the possibilities of selling my E-bracket back. It is in very good condition. We only used it for one atlantic crossing and uninstalled it right afterwards. What’s the best way to sell this item? Do you have experience with that? Do buy those parts back or can you connect me to someone?

I also want to let you know that your Hydrovane played a big role for us successfully crossing the Atlantic. Without it we would not have been able to make it. This device did 95% of the steering work, no matter what kind of conditions we were in. I am very impressed and absolutely convinced that the Hydrovane is the best product on the market. Thank you!

All the best

Jan Kamenz

From: Richard Minielly
Sent: January 05, 2022
To: Jan Kamenz
Subject: New Boat, new bracket

Hi Jan,

Happy New Year to yourself as well! Thank you so much for the glowing review of your Hydrovane on the transatlantic crossing! We love to hear of Hydrovanes performing well, and we are especially pleased when customers such as yourself move their Hydrovanes to a new boat.

Would it be all right if we posted your email on our testimonials page? I am sure other Morgan owners would be thrilled to see your positive experience.

I’ve quoted the A bracket and pads below. We can ship A brackets within a few days of full payment, so should have no issue getting the bracket to you before March. Where is the new boat located?

We do buy back some parts, but with the shipping costs and discounted prices involved to return them to us, it is usually more profitable to sell the bracket on Ebay or another similar site. There is quite a strong market for used Hydrovanes online.

Orders typically ship from our facility in England within 1-2 days of receiving full payment and confirmation of shipping address.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.


Richard Minielly

Hydrovane International Marine Inc.