Moody 31 - Sea Wanderer sails for Sue Ryder

“It is the single best piece of kit that I have ever bought for my boat, Sea Wanderer of Cardiff

From: Mike Hopkins
Sent: February 4, 2022
To: Sarah Curry
Subject: Re: Single Handed Sail Around UK for Sue Ryder

Hello there Sarah,

I bought my Hydrovane some four years ago, and it is the single best piece
of kit that I have ever bought for my boat Sea Wanderer of Cardiff.  Her
name is Melissa, as in Me Lovely Interesting Self Steering Assistant.  We
have regular, one sided conversations, and she provides marvelous
companionship.  Without her I could not have contemplated what I am about to
tell you :

On June 4 I begin a round UK single handed sail, including the east coast
of Ireland and Northern Ireland.  I have given myself some 3-4 months to
complete.  I sail a Moody 31, ‘Sea Wanderer of Cardiff’.  She is currently
berthed in Eastbourne UK and it will be from there that the voyage will

I am making the sail on behalf of the charity Sue Ryder.  I have attached a
letter written jointly with the Sue Ryder charity which offers more detail.
I have set myself the ‘stretch’ target of raising at least £20,000.  Fingers
and toes are crossed to achieve that, and I shall certainly put the ‘graft’

I have also written to several yacht and sailing clubs along the route,
offering to do a presentation as I pass through.  As I write I have received
10 firm commitments, with more in the pipeline.

Additionally, this week Imray, a long-standing and well respected published
of nautical charts and books, has asked me to be their first ‘Ambassador’
an honour that I feel very pleased to accept.

All monies given for Sue Ryder, will be received by Sue Ryder.  There is
already a Justgiving account which, as I write, has received £1004 + £157.50
Grant Aid, some 120 days before I set sail.  All costs therefore associated
with the voyage eg food, marina’s diesel where necessary, boat maintenance
and equipment is being financed by myself.  I am undoubtedly lucky to have a
boat, but I am not a wealthy person.

In June I have a long article appearing in Yachting Monthly.  I hope that
this is the first of many in different nautical and other magazines and
journals since I enjoy writing, and during the next few years, with various
‘adventures’ will have a lot to write about.

I recognise that the ‘Hydrovane’, given its distinctive character and
colour advertises itself, and I also recognise that Hydrovane is advertised
by world famous yachts people.  I’m also a terrible poker player, and
whether you are able to support Sue Ryder or not, I shall always speak and
write highly of Melissa.  But, if the companies budget could stretch to
making a contribution then I’d be thrilled.

My Justgiving account is at:

I wish you and your company very well.

Mike (Hopkins)

From: Sarah Curry
Sent: February 08, 2022
To: Mike Hopkins
Subject: Re: Single Handed Sail Around UK for Sue Ryder

Hi Mike,

Thank you for reaching out!

We so admire those who sail in support of greater causes, and Sue Ryder
is very worthy of your fundraising efforts. A contribution has been

Hydrovane is happy to be a part of your adventure. We wish you a wonderful journey and look forward to following along!



From: Mike Hopkins
Sent:  February 08, 2022
To: Sarah Curry
Subject: Re: Single Handed Sail Around UK for Sue Ryder

Sarah, and all.  I am so utterly grateful for your action. I wish that I could give you all a huge hug.

Those of an cynical disposition, won’t believe me when I post on social media, that the purchase of the Hydrovane was the single best spend that I have made on my my boat.

It gives me independence, not drawing in limited battery space, it is completely consonant with the beauty of sailing, relying only on nature, and, in a potentially hostile environment (though wonderful too), it is a robustly manufactured and beautifully designed piece of kit.

My love and compassion to you Sarah and all.