Malö 47

“I have to tell you it has been absolutely brilliant and has coped well in most conditions”

From: Belinda Vernon
Sent: July 19, 2022
To: Will Curry
Subject: Advice please – Chili III

Hi Will,

You may not remember, but we fitted a Hydrovane to our Malo 47 last winter. I have to tell you it has been absolutely brilliant and has coped well in most conditions.

I wonder if you could give me some advice on fitting the remote control line. Is it possible to rotate the ‘heading knob’ so that it is aft of the shaft inside of to the side of the shaft?  If so, I guess I simply loosen the bolt at the bottom of the photo and turn? The reason for doing this is to get a better angle into the fair leads for the remote control line.

Also – am I missing a nut on the ‘Axis knob’ and am I missing a screw into the ‘heading knob’? If so, please can you tell me the specifications for both.

I can send more photos if helpful.

Many thanks,

Belinda Vernon

From: Richard Minielly
Sent: July 2022
To: Belinda Vernon
Subject: RE: Advice please – Chili III

Hi Belinda,

Thanks for reaching out! We’re so happy to hear that you’ve been getting good performance from the vane. Do you mind if we post your email to our Testimonials Page? If you are not comfortable, no worries.

Yes, you can rotate the Worm Box Casting around so that it faces any direction. Just loosen the Worm Box Stud Set (Part #88) and rotate the casting. This is likely easier said than done. The Stud Set is secured using medium strength Loctite, and will be firmly held in place by salt buildup. I recommend pouring hot water on the casting before attempting to loosen the stud, and maybe applying some penetrating fluid beforehand. I have attached the recommended torque settings for when it is re-tightened.

You are indeed missing a nut from your Vane Axis Bolt Set! That will be a standard 316/A4 stainless-steel M10 Nyloc nut. Its purpose is to keep the Axis knob from flying off. I’m happy to include one free of charge in your next parts order, or you can source one locally or from your own spares.

The Grooved Wheel (Heading Knob) looks like it has the necessary screw inside it. There is a small M10 set screw that fits in that hole and holds the Wheel onto the Worm. It usually sits nearly a centimetre recessed into the hole, as it appears to be now.

Happy to answer any questions. We’re also keen to see any photos or hear any tales of Hydrovane use on the High Seas!

Fair winds,

Richard Minielly