Hartley 39 RORC Sloop

“We are absolutely delighted”

From: E & M Campbell
Sent: Monday, February 07, 2005 10:27 AM
To: John Curry
Subject: Look Ma No Hands

Hi John

The installation pics you asked for and a couple of others. Hope it didn’t jam your computer for too long.

Installation a breeze with no problems at all. The pads were made at home and required only minor adjustments to the concave of the stern, with a sanding disc on an angle grinder for perfect fit. All in all it took 2 of us about 6 hours. The hardest part stretching the cover onto the vane.

As a matter of interest I had no contact with any other owners of a Hydrovane prior to order but as we were taking the vane off the pier and back home for the cover fitting, we were stopped by a couple who recognized the vane. They had sailed out from England in a steel ketch 15 years ago. They sang the praises of Hydrovane having sailed 12,000 miles and only steering 200 miles. Of course they wanted a look at a brand new one straight out of the box. He asked if Derek Daniels had sold it to me.

Last weekend we had the delight of the test sail when 3 blokes had 3 days in Queen Charlotte Sound. The cross over Cook Strait was 10-12 kts on the nose so no problems there. The return trip 28kts reach with some slightly on the beam. Again no problems. With careful reefing and trimming we averaged 7.2kts for the 28 miles home.

We are absolutely delighted. It is now only a month to our departure for the circumnavigation of the South Island, Pacific islands next winter!!

A couple of small points. In the instructions perhaps you could include torque settings for the bolts. I made a guess and took them all down to an even 55 ftlbs.

John if I can be of help as a testimonial or even a demonstrator here in mid NZ I am only too willing.