Hallberg Rassy 43

Very nicely made custom platform on A bracket – we love this!

From: Fredrik Hallstrom
Sent: July 14, 2017
To: Will Curry
Subject: Pictures of my Hydrovane

Hi Will!

Please forgive me for being late with the photos I promised to send after completed installation of the Hydrovane. The installation went fine without major problems after I got the missing part from you. The only problem I had was that the steering line you delivered was way too short for my yacht with center cockpit.

At sea the windvane have proved to be a good helmsman on all courses except when the sail gets in lee of my outboard engine (wind from starboard 60-80 degrees).

All the best,
Fredrik Hallström

On Fri, 14 Jul 2017, “Will Curry” wrote:

Hi Fredrik,

Thanks for taking the time to send the installation photos which look great.  I’m impressed with the custom platform on top of the ‘A’ bracket. 

The outboard engine shouldn’t have much effect on the vane as the top of the vane is well above but interesting to hear that.  The more you sail with the Hydrovane, the more in tune you will get.  We look forward to further performance reports.

Kind Regards,

Will Curry