Hallberg Rassy 42E - VIDEO in Italian

“My Hydrovane works magnificently.”

From: M. Bianchi
Sent: June 28, 2019
To: will@hydrovane.com
Subject: R: Hydrovane Installation

Hi Will,

My Hydrovane works magnificently. My Hallberg Rassy has crossed the Atlantic twice, to get to the Caribbean and to return, and has done so many miles, maybe 90%, with the windvane.

The only flaw is that, when the windvane is not in use and is locked and the boat is sailing, both sail and motor, the shaft has a lot of vibration. This led to the breakage of the stop pin.

Since then I lost the spare pin you sent me, now I need you to send me two new pins.


Do you have any suggestions for me to decrease the vibration of the rudder?

Thank you for your attention and best regards.

M. Bianchi