Dufour 412

“The Hydrovane performed flawlessly.”

From: Dana Markle
Sent: January 6, 2020
To: ‘Will Curry
Subject: Alma Feroz – Hydrovane


We finished our installation of the Hydrovane on our Dufour 412, Alma Feroz last week. Saturday we took it on a trial run. We started out on a broad reach with 6 knots of wind. The Hydrovane performed flawlessly. Later in the afternoon the wind picked up to 13 knots and we were at that point sailing close hauled. Once again the Hydrovane performed flawlessly. I can’t express to you how pleased we are with Hydrovane.

The next trip to Catalina Island we will get some video on the crossing as well as some nice still shots with the beautiful island in the background.


​Dana J. Markle