Contessa 32


From: Mattis Voss <>
Date: Jan 25, 2018
Subject: RE: Hydrovane installation photos contessa 32
To: Sarah Curry

Hi Sarah,

I hope you are well. We have just arrived in French Guyana, steered all the way by our Hydrovane. Magic!

Yes please feel free to use the photographs.

I think we are talking about different kinds of vibration. What we had initially was a fairly high frequency hum, which would stop when you held onto the frame of the vane. When down below it sounded like a faint engine noise. It would set the whole stern of the boat off!

We also have a much slower vibration of the rudder, maybe 5 degrees about the centreline and at a frequency of say 5Hz. This did indeed get much better when I added some weight to the tiller (I fastened a big lump hammer to it with a jubilee clip for the moment).

All the best and thank you very much for your help,