Cal 29

“The Hydrovane works great. I love it.”

From: Thomas M Nickerson
Sent: October 29, 2018
To: John Curry
Cc: Will Curry – Hydrovane
Subject: Re: Cal 29 – Hydrovane model VXA2D M(shaft length)/H/H

Hi John-

I installed my Hydrovane on my Cal 29 and circumnavigated Vancouver Island last summer with it. The Hydrovane works great. I love it. But the time has come to move up to a larger boat, and I have my eye on a Hallberg-Rassey 42E Ketch. The HR has a flush transom, which will likely make installation a breeze. 😉 But I want to make sure the Hydrovane unit I have is big enough and powerful enough to properly steer the larger and heavier 42′ HR. What do you think?


[Editor’s note: Yes, we have supplied many Hydrovanes for the HR 42E]