Bavaria 36 - Extended Heading Tube Upgrade (VIDEO)

“It’s all fitted & a thing of beauty!”

From: Diane Moulden
Sent: February 07, 2022
To: Richard Minielly
Subject: Fitted!- Extended Heading Tube

Thank you everyone for all your help, it’s all fitted & a thing of beauty!  It will work perfectly In all wind directions!  I’ve attached a little video of it, (the rudder isn’t on, but we set it into the wind today & it had a little play).

There may also be some other Bavaria owners getting in touch with similar issues.  There was a request for help on the owners forum as a few people are having arches fitted but won’t have clearance anymore.  I’ve reminded them that you’re really helpful and will guide them to the best solution for their situation.


Kindest regards


Bavaria 36 – XHTH Installation