Allures 45

“I told the crew after it was fitted, ‘prepare to be amazed…’ and they were”

From: S/V Timeless Odyssey
Sent: December 19, 2022
To: Will & John Curry
Subject: Order a spare cover for a stubby

Hi Will/John

Greetings from the mid-Atlantic where Juluka our 5th crew member is steering the dream. I have to say the vane has been a real winner.  I had some new crew on out of Gib for Madeira. I know this was unconventional but we left Gib with some concerns about the Orca attacks, so we left the Hydrovane rudder off in case we had our rudders disabled by the Orcas.  We would then have a limp home option. The strategy was to get clear of the area where attacks were happening, and then think about putting the Hydrovane rudder on. I obviously would not recommend doing this at sea in normal circumstances but we were lucky. We have a sugar scoop stern and with safety lines on two of us got the rudder on more easily than we thought it would be.

Anyway, I told the crew after it was fitted, ‘prepare to be amazed,’ and they were.

Anyway, I would like to order spare vane cover for our Stubby vane. I am sure you know but for avoidance of doubt it is 50 x 100cm surface area.

Could it please be delivered to my daughters address [removed].

Thanks All and Merry Christmas



s/v Timeless Odyssey